Insurance for rental under LLC

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Could anyone recommend a good and a reliable insurance company for a rental house under an LLC in miami?

Shall I just get basic coverage and not the hurricane since that increases the premium?

Most insurances don't provide liability for LLC. Would you know of some that would provide both? Thanks

@Vikas Arora

Hey Vikas,

Welcome to BP!  In VT our insurance provider (a local company) offers both business and personal coverage. They work with many different carriers to have these options. Perhaps you just need to call around a bit to see who might offer this.  We have all our policies with 1 company for the ease of doing business.

In terms of the Hurricane insurance - it all comes down to your decision. But be sure to ask yourself - if the home is damaged by a hurricane will you be able to repair the damage without hurricane insurance?

I'd say get the extra coverage... But that's just my 2 cents. I pay for lots of insurance just in case.  Cause someday the sh*t is most likely gonna hit the fan...

Ashley  : )