Returning $0.00 Security Deposit

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Am I required to attached receipts when I return any or none of the security deposit? I've documented the charges when my tenant moved out. After repairs cost to make the unit rent ready there is no deposit to return. I already wrote a letter along with the charges to my tenant but is that enough? Should I include receipts?

You should include a statement that shows how the security deposit was distributed. I would make sure you can back up the costs, if pressed, but no need to send them receipts. 

I typically show an itemized listing of each item paid for against the security deposit that results in the actual refund, if any, or a negative balance and no refund on the final letter that closes out the lease. 

Ayodeji Kuponiyi did the prior tenant damage the property beyond normal wear and tear? Do they know they damaged it?

I just had a turn over but won't be charging the prior tenant anything even though I am fixing and replacing a few things such as touching up paint, fixing a storm door and some screens, one door handle, etc. All in all to get it rent ready to my standards with my handyman doing most of the work it cost about $250. Not a lot but I do not feel like I could charge someone for normal wear and tear. Blatant damage is another issue but if many of the repairs I see in my rentals that may happen to me in my personal residence I will not charge for that.