PM sueing a tenant for missed rent and court fees after eviction

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I'm a landlord and property manager.  Have pretty good luck with my tenants, but one property we manage have a tenant that let lease lapse, didn't communicate, so we had to evict.  Got judgement last week for final eviction end of this month, but he didn't pay rent for 3 months.

Now trying to get small claims suit filed before he flees the premises.  Can I represent the landlord in court as Property Manager, since she doesn't want to face the tenant herself.  Should I get Lawyer for this, but hoping to file and go to court ourselves.  This in in Connecticut by the way.

We have over $4k in rent/court/attorney fees from eviction, but tenant doesn't have a steady job as far and I know that would be able to garnish wages.. anyway, its the principle of it that we want to file claim against him.

Don't let emotions get ahead of your business. You got him out, a small claims will get you nowhere (even if you win, it can be very difficult to collect), except out additional legal fees. Take the win, and put that energy into finding a new tenant.

@Joe Kato - Second @Travis Lloyd comments. The time, money and energy you will expend in settling the score is not worth it. 

Even if you win in small claims court, he will not have the money to defray these costs.

So, look at this experience as the cost of doing business and let your accountant help to offset these expenses.