Theft Protection

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Hi all! 

Just closed on a property and the seller just removed the alarm system so we're going to replace it. Since I'm in a somewhat high area for theft, I would love the BP community's help on the following: 
1. What's the best alarm system out there for small (1-4 unit) MFs? 

2. Since alarm systems take a little while to set up (between ordering/receiving materials & final installation) what's an immediate "quick fix" that can be used to prevent entry into the house? 


@Bruno C. , I install Door Jamb Armor on all my rentals, and even on flips if they're going to be vacant for a while. It's easy for a handyman or a DIYer to install. Keeps someone from kicking the door in, which seems to be the most common way of gaining access. There are competing products from Strikemaster and others that are a little cheaper, but I've always just used the original.

(As a side note, I'm traveling in San Diego right now. Lowe's picked up my location and when I searched for that product showed me a price of $105 per set. When I switch my store location back to Fort Worth, TX, it's $85. That's almost a 25% difference!)

Bruno C.


From my REIA a lot chose simplisafe. Basic package is $200 or so. I never used it yet but intend to when I have a vacant property. They have a monthly fee where you can use app to get notified of any alarms. Cancel monthly fee at any time. Keep the system and move to the next property easily when needed. All wireless.