Tenant with special needs son

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I rent to agencies that sometimes get Medicaid to pay for modifications but it's a process and it's not something I have done myself.  If the tenant needs reasonable modifications they are supposed to pay for that not the landlord.  All that being said, I would just get your average handyman to put them in and I would pay for it.

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@Chris Reed, Yes thank you I did call, waiting for reply to VA.

If your VA experience is anything like mine was, you'll be waiting a while. When I needed answers to my questions from the VA, I had to call them every other day. I hope you have better luck with them than I did.

@Jerry Rien Big mistake on the green shag carpet in the bathroom..... it's coming back! Actually, I couldn't sleep if I had carpet in a bathroom. Make sure you use good materials since wheel chairs on tough on flooring. I bet it feels good to accommodate a veteran and his son with special needs. You can't calculate ROI on that.

I would be leary of hiring a handyman to install the bars. If they aren't installed correctly and someone falls, you could be looking at a lawsuit. Have a contractor with insurance install.