Toledo OH - Section 8 - staff contact

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Anyone have any relationship with one of the staff members? Have an issue with non-payment for 2 mos.  Our mgmt company is blaming Sect 8 staff - I don't buy it. Want to get their side of story.


Hi Robyn,

You are looking for:

Leanne Eby for payment history but you will want to start with

Bev Richardson
Inspection Technician

I recommend a phone call to Beverly where you identify yourself and the owner of the property and ask her for the status. If my guess is correct then you will end up being told your property has been "abated" because it failed during the latest inspection.

1) is the contract still salvageable? (After 2 months of abated rent I suspect you may be unrecoverable with the rent contract being cancelled and the tenant told to apply for an emergency voucher to move)

2) if it is able to be brought into compliance ask her very politely to list the issues for you and you can hand these to a contractor to complete...then you can contact Beverly to schedule an inspection to have the deficiencies verified as resolved. 

The joy of LMHA and Sect 8 is that they can refuse to pay you at any time until you do whatever they want. Additionally as soon as they abate you, the tenant can decide to request a new voucher and leave you regardless of whether you pass the following week.

Feel free to PM me on your findings, I'm happy to assist as I am able. We had ten LMHA properties but I have been weaning down anyplace without exterior siding or in excellent condition as the annual inspection (actually every 9 months so every 3/4 of a year) become very expensive to pass in old homes.

Thanks. I have an email sent in to Leanne. I know we passed inspection because rent was paid last month & mgmt co said all is good. Problem is we didn't get full rent in July & August & no rent in Sept & Oct. Supposedly (according to mgmt) the inspection was in July.  

I appreciate all the comments & suggestions.