Time Share Rental - Orlando, FL.

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My family has a Time Share coming up in 2016 in Orlando, FL, five miles from everything Disney. We would like to offer it for rent this year. Does anyone have any advice on how and where to market this offer. I have tried Craigslists and posting the ad in several markets. This is very time consuming and not to mention my ads keep getting flagged and deleted.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!       


You did mention if you were looking to short term rental or long term rent? But with that said, if long term I rent my house out through the MLS and it hits Zillow as well, I have a realtor friend that helps me with that. If your thinking short term rental using AirBNB and VRBO are two great ways to manage and get the rental out there. I would also check with the company you have the Timeshare through to make sure that is allowed. I'm assuming you are in Kissimmee versus Orlando?

We have 3 timeshares that we rarely use. 2 of them are in the same resort in Myrtle Beach. The past couple of years I have turned them over to the resort, who has rented them without a problem. They take 30%. Years ago, before the internet became such a widely used tool, I would auction them on eBay, but that market is so flooded now, it's not worth the effort. I would speak with your resort....chances are they have a program that can help you out if you're willing to pay their cut.

Shawn and Eugene,

Thanks for your input, I'll definitely try this option.


This is a one week in even years type of Time Share.  This is the year we have a week assigned to us.