Lease expires/no rent - NJ

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The lease expires tomorrow and the tenants haven't paid rent for last month yet. They also owe some late fees from previous months. I tried contacting them about rent and about renewing the lease, no response yet. I'm actually thinking about evicting them.

How should I go about this? My concern is the lease expires tomorrow and I don't want them living in my condo without any contract if they are not paying.

Appreciate in advance..

Hi @Gurpal Cheema ,

I would suggest you read through some of the materials provided by the state on this website Especially the information about leases and evictions. I believe you're supposed to provide them a written notice 30 days before the expiration of the lease telling them to either renew or confirm they're leaving.

Also, it's probably time to bring in a attorney since it seems you've missed some deadlines.

are you saying that they are 30 days late on rent, as @Chris Townley says read your rent laws you should have STARTED eviction proceedings 25 days ago if they are indeed 30 days late