Plant growing indoors...what to do?

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The property has a raised foundation.  I have not looked through the crawl space as it is difficult to access.  The tenant thinks the plant is "cute", but I'm not so sure.  Any tips?  What would you do?

Ryan said exactly what I was going to say. The only way that plant is growing is from a soil and water source feeding it. Not good.


What does it look like outside? We had something similar a couple of years back on a couple of seperate properties.

The first, the tenant had let weeds grow up the side of the house. Pull them down sorted that out. Keeping them down fixed it for good.

The second was a house on a slab. Essentially, the dirt around the slab had started to accumulate and was now over the edge of the slab against the siding. Again, simple remedy was to dig out the dirt, and try and figure out why the dirt had moved.

So simple solution, go outside to the other side of the wall, and see what's there.

Is the floor moist?  Did the seed sprout inside.  It doesn't look like pot... ha ha.

Well, if it's under the house, somebody needs to get under there and kill it.  And check the moisture situation.

I don't know about hiring a gardner.  I think I'd rather have a handyman do it, so he can also assess the water situation, if it's affecting foundation, wood beams, etc.  Maybe it's a leaking pipe?  Did the pipes freeze over winter?