Lease Termination / Renewal options

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I bought a rental in NJ Nov'2015 - it was already occupied.  The tenants are good and had no problems signing a new lease from Nov till Jun 30th. 

Now they want to do month to month - which for me is not feasible. I am unable to reach them - they are not picking up phones / nor answering the door.

I would like to give them 2 options - 

  1. Renew for 1 year (same terms as existing lease -- I got a standard residential lease from staples)
  2. Vacate the place

Is there any standard / legal cover letter that I can send via postal mail ? 

Is there a minimum notice period that I will need to give them ? (nothing is mentioned in the lease) 

I'm a rookie at this still :) - so any help will be much appreciated.



Your lease probably says how much notice is required for termination by either party. It is probably 30 days or 60 days prior to the lease termination/renewal date. 

Giving them written notice of your plans and options on time seems like the first step.

Thanks for the response Max - I looked thru the lease and there is no such thing - there is a clause for grounds of termination of tenancy but that does not mention anything about notice period. 

I am looking to send them a notice - should I get proof of delivery or signature on delivery ? 

Marko Rubel
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