1year Agreement or Bust!?!?!

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So I've been scratching and clawing to gain this client in my neighborhood as I know I would do a bang up job. Literally writing 1000 word sales letter emails, providing a menu of service and benefits to him, and even knocking on his door!

I even convinced him to give me access and tour his place.

I finally got his attention after a few weeks and he's asked for an agreement. Had a great first tour of the place to a well-qualified military med student.

But he emails me back saying he only wants an agreement until end of year!!! All my other clients have kept me since first signing with them.....

After all this negotiation, I fear he's just going to take my leasee and just end the contract at the end of the year.......

What would you do??

Say sure!  Charge him for finding him the tenant, and then after the check clears, fire him.  He's a jerk.