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Hey BiggerPockets expert, I recently purchased a duplex in St. Paul, MN and I'm renting it out to some college kids. I used the services of Renters Warehouse to find tenants and now they are telling me I need to conduct a Move in inspection. My question is, what does a "Move in Inspection entail" How do I do one, and what things should I looks out for. Please chime in, any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

Typically, it goes over all the items in the home. Room by room. It list anything that might be wrong. ( stain on carpet, leaky faucet, etc)When tenant moves out you do a move out inspection and compare it to the move in. The property managers typically will do this for you. Or who is leasing the unit.

There should be a standard form that can be printed and filled out.

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There are posts on BP how to use a move-in/move-out checklist. Lots of photos and documentation how the property looked when the tenant moved in. You don't want to hear "The hole in the wall and broken screen were always there." I give the tenant 7-10 days after move-in to add comments for items we miss the first day (leaky faucet in backyard etc.) Good luck,

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