Laundry dispute

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My tenant says she's uncomfortable sharing laundry facilities.  

The unit above her had an old stackable,which I  removed. There is a utility shed with all four water heaters and a washer & dryer, which unit #1 has always used. Unit 3 will now use it as well (stackable was in the kitchen next to the fridge and looked better gone for showing purposes.) 

Any advice on how to deal with unit #1?

Does your lease provide laundry facilities? Did you remove a washer she had private access to? Otherwise you are not obligated to furnish a washing machine to her specifications. It is there for a courtesy only, she is welcome to go to a nearby laundromat.

Unless specifically mentioned in the lease, you may proceed anyway you please.

Personally, I offer only the HOOKUPS and never the appliances, as they create maintenance issues.

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First off, install coin ops if you haven't already.  It sounds menial, but once you have enough of them, they really add up.  I was able to pay my mortgage just on the change that I cashed in each month from coin ops, so its definitely something to explore. 

Depending on what your lease says or doesn't say, if its just a matter of being comfortable or not without a particular incident or event to reference, it would not be a negotiation in one of my houses.  She would use the common laundry that you supply as option 1.  Option 2 would be to go to a laundromat.  Option 3 would be to move over something as stupid as laundry, or option 4 would be for her to buy a house so that she doesn't have to nit pick.  That is a needy tenant.  We all have them from time to time. 

The laundry room is "common access". It is located in a utility shed that also houses the boiler units (old building) and water heaters. The building is 4 units and three of the 4 units have private washer/dryers inside the units. Only #3 uses the utility shed.

Today I get a call from a tenant (#1). The stackable washer/dryer was unable to be installed because it didn't have proper ducting. It is roughly $1200 to complete the ducting work. On top of that #1 would prefer to use the utility shed (with #3) since the stackable is in the kitchen and takes up too much space. The lease includes use of a washer/dryer but does not specify shared or private.

What is a good way to tell unit #3 she will be sharing the space? Thanks all for the help!