Atlanta Watershed

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Has anyone had to deal with Atlanta Watershed as a property owner with a tenant in place. I was researching their website and apparently the property owner is liable for any unpaid water bills although the bill is under the tenants name. Can anyone shed some light on this subject? Do I really have to put my name on the water bill and give them permission to pay the bill? Seems like that's what they are asking for. These are SFH's recently purchased and some had tenants in place. The former owner had water bill in his name and asked the tenants to pay him back, but of course they never did. He has paid his bills and I am running into a problem trying to get the water dept to put the bill under the tenants name.

Fulton county has some of the highest water usage rates in the country. They have gone up substantially over the last 5 years.

I do not like investing in Fulton county as in addition to water they have high property taxes.

I have dealt with Atlanta Watershed before. If there is a water lien on the property it survives foreclosure so you would need to do a negotiated payoff to get released.

It might be different now but that was my experience years ago on an apartment building that had an overdue bill with leaks etc.

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