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Hi BP, 

I have a tenant that is a college senior. He sent me a LinkedIn request to connect. I realize he isn't about to graduate and is trying to network. Since I'm his landlord I'm not sure if I should accept. I will usually accept anyone on LinkedIn (Facebook I wouldn't), but this might be blurring the lines between tenant and landlord.

Question - do you connect with tenants on social media at all? 

Updated almost 2 years ago

Meant to say "is about to graduate"

I would say heck no for Facebook, but OK for LinkedIn unless you have it linked to BiggerPockets or otherwise discuss landlording on that forum.  LinkedIn is all about networking, lots of connections, and professionalism, so in general the more the merrier.

Thanks Michelle! That's what I was thinking. I have a W2 job so I don't really talk landlording on there and it is not linked to my BP page. 

I did have a prospective tenant ask if I had Facebook. Weird since she wasn't even a tenant. I just said my Facebook is pretty private. 

I would add my tenants on LinkedIn. I see nothing wrong with it.

Interesting discussion. If you don't have much rental business on LinkedIn, then I would assume it's okay. I know I don't do anything with my LinkedIn, it is just a resume placeholder. Definitely no to facebook and other personal accounts. 

@Michael H. I wouldn't have a problem with that. I also wouldn't look into it too deeply - many times these requests are sent automatically. 

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