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Hi BP, 

I have a tenant that is a college senior. He sent me a LinkedIn request to connect. I realize he isn't about to graduate and is trying to network. Since I'm his landlord I'm not sure if I should accept. I will usually accept anyone on LinkedIn (Facebook I wouldn't), but this might be blurring the lines between tenant and landlord.

Question - do you connect with tenants on social media at all? 

Updated over 1 year ago

Meant to say "is about to graduate"

Thanks Michelle! That's what I was thinking. I have a W2 job so I don't really talk landlording on there and it is not linked to my BP page. 

I did have a prospective tenant ask if I had Facebook. Weird since she wasn't even a tenant. I just said my Facebook is pretty private. 

I would add my tenants on LinkedIn. I see nothing wrong with it.

@Michael H. I wouldn't have a problem with that. I also wouldn't look into it too deeply - many times these requests are sent automatically. 

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