Any Recommendations Plumber Seattle

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Can anyone recommend a very good and reputable plumber in the Seattle Area... south Seattle better.

I need a plumber to do some moderate to extensive work.



Hi @Joy Abia . I would recommend MainLine Plumbing, message me if you'd like contact info. They have always been very professional and efficient for everything that I've used them for.

Caveat: I have only asked them to handle typical plumbing issues and inspections, I have not asked them to do any development or extensive projects, not sure what you meant by that.

Strongly recommend James who represents . He did a fabulous job for replacing a corroded water heater connector pipe. Very honest and punctual. I hired him for thumbtack and have a review posted for him there as well.

Joe the plumber. I've worked with him a few times (with clients of mine). He's very friendly and honest and charges pretty fairly in my opinion. Please don't hire the likes of southwest or beacon plumbing... :)

Also, and I've only worked with them once for extensive work, 

Thanks wonderful people... 

@Alex Chin thanks! I contacted MainLine. They found the problem in both toilets turns out I may not need extensive work afterall.

@Edward Seid can you share the contact for Joe the plumber? I am guessig there will be a number of similar names to that :-). Hell No! I tried seattle plumbing and they wanna charge 75usd to come out an 25/hr. Am I made of money?

@Vikas Raoot thanks will try James for plumbing work in my home. Need to have a list of reliable contractors

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