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When turning the water on from the street, the water company requests the main shutoff in the house to be turned off. However we are not able to get there to turn it off, has anyone had any issues (pipes burst, fixtures, etc) with getting the water turned back on without shutting off the main? It's an older house, just not sure how concerned we should be about this. Thanks

Never. Turn it on slowly either way. The pipes don't care where the slug of water comes from. I have several houses we just use the meter cut-off for turning the water on and off because the main shut-off is difficult to access (small crawl space, for example). And if you don't discharge the house water, and nothing leaks, there's no pressure differential when you turn the meter cut-off on and off. 

DONT RISK it.. Dont turn the water on at all until you can get in the house. and then have people stationed on each floor to listen and watch for leaks.

OMG what a RISK. even with a house being properly winterized by a so called professional company things fail.

Just to mention a few,, outdoor sill cocks.. dishwashers,, ice makers in refrigerators, washing machines, and radiators. to mention a few some forget,  any and everything that's had or supplies water in it is potential for a leak and you won't know till your there and turn it back on.

When you do turn water on DO it SLOWLY,  have faucets open and as water starts running and air is forced out then turn off each faucet. Keep eye on meter and watch for movement to see once you think all is secure you haven't missed something. 

the city has  a "KEY" long handle tool to get to your main valve, if you need it keep it while doing repairs and bring back when done. some cities let you check one out with deposit so you can turn on when you want when service is starting up again.

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