Multi-Family Shared Garage Disagreemnr

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Question for investors who also self-manage their properties:

How do you handle tenant complaints that revolve around shared spaces? Just tell the tenants to work it out and if they can't to call the police? (I've taken this stance before per BP forums with nuisance noise complaints and it has worked successfully).

For example, I have one tenant who is upset about the other forgetting to close the garage door in a shared 2 car garage after leaving for work, while tenant 2 claims they closed it before leaving. I have no pictures. Just tenant 1 vs tenant 2.

Seems petty, and tenant 1 makes complaints like this often about noise, front door was open, etc to which other tenants reply "no I didn't do it." Tenant 1 has been in the building for 24 years and tenant 2 for 3 years, neither with issues paying.

Any thoughts? Or just have tenant 1 call the cops if he's concerned or has a tenant complaint?

Let tenant 1 take over the rent for the entire garage if it's only 2 spaces.. then no disagreements,, just let them know it's $$ a month more. Give tenant 2 notice the garage door must be kept closed and failure to comply will result in loss of use.. 

This sounds like a duplex.. 

Put a better heavy duty door closer on the main front shared entry or other entries that are shared. Use a auto lock key pad door lock so they don't need keys and the doors stay locked, they cost about 140 but worth every penny. 

The city has ordinances about garages being left open and it's either install a garage door opener or give control to one tenant that cares and is willing to pay to keep it closed. Shared garages are misery.