Here's your chance to ask that question about rental properties that's been burning inside of you!

Ask any question you want. I won't know the answers to everything, but I'll do the best I can to either answer it or point you in a direction of where to look for the answer or who to talk to. Worst case, if I really have no idea, someone on here is bound to have some thoughts for you. 

I am one of the BP blog writers, so what I'd really love is to pull a few of the questions that I can answer and make full blog posts out of them to publish on BP (I'm out of ideas on what to write about on my own, so opening up the floor for suggestions!).

Okay, here we go... ask anything you want about rental properties or rental property investing! Let's see what happens.

Let's try to keep the chain to questions only and the direct responses to them as available. Any major conversations that strike up, or Pandora's boxes that get opened, let's separate those into a new thread so we can keep this one focused on the questions.