Help with tenant application

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I am new to rental properties and am still learning the ropes of the application process. Recently I had a woman tour one of my houses and she also filled out an application on site. She showed up with another lady of whom she stated was her friend/BOSS. Her boss, runs a local service that provides housing to people with disabilities. She claimed that she started in 2014 and lived in one of the units, rent free, as part of the job perk. She then went to Vegas to visit with family for a few months and her boss filled her old position. Now that she has returned from Vegas, her boss re-hired her into a different position paying $2,000/mo but she no longer has the housing perk. The house rents for $550.

My issue is that she showed up with her "boss" for whom is the reference for employment, and also the only landlord reference, but to a residence that she didn't actually pay rent?

Am I wrong for thinking something just doesn't add up? 

You can always ask for another reference. Past landlord or past employer. But I always take references with a grain of salt anyway since they could be faked if needed.

Credit, criminal check, employment verification, landlord reference, personal reference, as well as a 'gut check' when taking with them all are important when you're screening.

This story does sound fishy.   My concern is that her "boss" is a friend who came with her to pose as her boss so you would not check her out.  Ask for paycheck stubs so the applicant can prove her income.  Remember, it is HER job to prove she qualifies, not your job.  Keep marketing, perhaps a better applicant will apply.  Check to make sure this social service agency actually exists.  Screen per usual.