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Hi Gang, 

Have a property under contract, and curious to know what websites (aside from craigslist) do you guys use to post your units.


I have my agent do my marketing of rental properties. They handle all the paperwork, do the lease-up photos, and keep me all paperwork legal, including pulling credit and background reports. They charge an application fee to the renter to cover the cost, of which I don't take a penny. They charge me 1/2 month for each 12 month contract, and yes renewals are the same price, but it's an all new contract. They will re-pull credit/background, if I request.  I do all the vetting and say yes or no. They initial screen according to my written specifications. All in all, it's a good deal for me. I still manage the property, so there are no recurring monthly fees. My agent also has a book of professionals (handyperson/electricians/carpenters/roofers etc.) in case I get in a jam.

Hope that helps,


Craigslist, like you mentioned. I also use Zillow, which sends the listing to Hotpads and Trulia. And finally, I use, which sends the listing to

These three sites get me tons of leads.

The local facebook buy sell trade for your town.  Craigslist gets me only a fraction of the people that facebook does.  I am actually thinking about skipping Craigslist and just doing facebook for the next vacancy.  

+1 on Facebook.  It's the only place we've ever advertised.

I still use Craigslist but Zillow has provided more leads. One of the advantages of Zillow is that it sends your ad to other websites like Hotpads and Trulia. Also, most leads with Zillow show a basic Tenant profile such as income range, credit score range, how soon they are looking to move, etc

But one of the things I don’t like about Zillow is the fact that it pulls and makes available all your property records such as date of purchase, price etc which I prefer not to share with my tenants ( even though the info is public record).

I also cultured a relationship with a local organization that help people find a place to live and also pays for the rent, after they had responded to one of my ads years ago. They are similar to Section 8 but better. Now, when they have a need for an apt, they call me to see what I have available. It’s awesome to rent an apt without any ad.

Finally, I usually let my current tenants know when I have an apt available and I’ve gotten new tenants that way too.

I’ve never used Facebook but will try it!

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