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Hello Everyone,

I am interested in becoming a landlord within the next year and want to educate myself as much as possible. While analyzing costs on the property taxes for some of my potential properties, I am noticing significant differences in what some of the listing websites show in comparison to what I find on the county assessor pages. Can someone shed some light on this situation and let me know if my eyes are deceiving me?

Thank you, 

Angelo Carbonara

The county website is correct,, the other websites are usually a guess,, so county website is what you use if your checking property tax costs 

The county website usually has a copy of the actual tax bill and is completely accurate. 

However, some states have a homestead exemption that limits annual property tax increases for owner-occupants. So there is always a potential of your taxes being much higher than what they're currently paying...usually in year two of ownership, after the property is reassessed and the homestead exemption is removed. 

Your real estate professionals should be able to help you analyze this, and one way to soften the blow if you're financing the property is to make sure your mortgage lender accounts for this in their escrow analysis. Basically, pad your escrow account in year one to soften the inevitable blow in year two. 

Deanna and Jeff,

Thank you for the responses to my question! Jeff, I appreciate you elaborating on everything because I was wondering about those homestead exemptions as well. This is all helpful information!

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