Requiring an Application Fee for Each Adult for Property

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Why do management properties require an application along with the application fee for each adult in a house?

It seems like the higher rental fees could potentially turn away prospective tenants. Why not just charge for one application for the individual who feels they will be accepted and just have their name on the lease? I'm sure there is a reason why but I wasn't sure if it were for legal purposes or just wanting to know who will be living in the property better.

@John Crawford DeBuys Freeman ,

They charge because they want to make sure they don't rent to sex offenders or people with felonies.. background checks cost $$$.

They ask for an application for every adult in the house to check their background and credit. They charge a fee per adult as the companies that the management uses charge per adult. It sucks to pay it when I was renting but it is to help the management company find out who is actually renting especially if the property has lots of children. You would not want to find out someone is a sex offender living close to your children. It's primarily to reduce liability and to keep the property free from trouble makers.

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