REI investing in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama

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Hello BP members!! I'm excited to be a part of this great community!! My husband and I have been investing for about a year now but have kicked into major gear over the last month...can you say 3 properties in 1 month!! WaHoo! We are looking for management advice as we want to manage ourselves at first.  Any suggestions on electronic payment system software?   We have our own crew that can handle repair situations when they occur.  We live in Georgia and can travel to our properties with ease.  Looking for incite on property management software. 

Second question...We are looking to fund a multi unit 4-6 plex property using BRRR method. Does anyone have advice or has worked with a hard money lender for this type of deal. How did it work out? We want to keep this multiunit and just refinance it to keep it. Let me know as well what a monthly payment would be...We don't want to spend over 110-140k total for acquisition and rehab. Thanks a lot for your help and best wishes to you!!!

Fantastic work. You’re on a roll. I have not personally use hard money lenders but I know many who have. They had decent experience with them. Good luck with continued growth.

I like AppFolio for property management. Excellent software, great tenant portal, terrific support for landlords including a great wealth of free webinars.

Hi Melanie, congrats on 3 closings in one month. I see you making a different for your future.As far as lenders it depend on your experience and how much financing you seeking. And also having a exit strategy helps.

I also love cozy for collecting rent. Congrats!

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