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I am currently renting. Our oven caught on fire due to our own negligence and is no longer functional. Is a tenant responsible for paying the entire cost of the new oven and installation or only the cost of what the old oven is worth?

So, are you expecting the landlord to replace the working oven that you destroyed with one just like it?  Or a new one?  If this was your house and you killed your oven would you buy a used one for the value of the old one or would you buy a new one?

Besides the oven what else was damaged.. Get ready for eviction action.. your negligence might cost you your housing.  Get the stove oven replaced and try and salvage any goodwill you can with the landlord. an appliance in similar condition should be suitable.  same brand, same color.. same features as original. 

You are responsible to replace the oven with a comparable unit, along with repairing any additional damage that was done as a result

@Matthew Noto ,

Think about it this way-- is starting a fire and destroying an appliance a normal occurrence?  No,  so because it's not normal, you will need to replace the stove  ASAP.   You will be required to replace it with an identical, or as close to identical as possible.    Check CL, you can easily get one for $100-$300, but you absolutely need to replace it.

I do agree that we need are liable and we need to replace the oven ASAP. The landlord claims that since this was a wall oven, the cheapest option to replace it is $1300. Are wall ovens typically that expensive to replace?

Do a search on the internet for used appliances for sale. Discuss with your landlord the option of replacing it with a used one.

Although a used wall oven may be very hard to find. Prices for new will also be on the internet.

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