Reviews of PM company - grain of salt?

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I've been managing my family's properties for the last couple years but am ready to turn it over to a PM company.  I was doing due diligence on the one I liked best and found 50+ negative reviews on Google, many in the last year.  Reviews from owners are mostly positive, the negative reviews are coming from tenants. 

I take them with a grain of salt because it's likely some were evicted or otherwise caused problems, but even if the PM company is totally innocent I'm concerned prospective tenants will Google them too and not want to rent from me.  How seriously do you take online reviews, or any other tips on identifying/vetting a strong PM company?

how many negative reviews do the next 2 in line businesses have.. I guess I'd keep running the  show for your family and give yourself a raise, your not going to get someone even close to yourself, if at all possible keep up the good work.

Reviews are important, BBB ratings are also important, what's their BBB ratings.. anyone that can give you a reference.. drive by some of the properties they manage and see what they look like.. first impression is the best,, go to the worst areas they have and see what's up.