Hire Out Leasing, Inspections, etc

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Any remote landlords out there that hire out the following activities?

  • Leasing
  • Move in/out
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance

If you have a good property, in a A-class area with a good tenant you should be set. The initial stages of finding a tenant, screening, etc is where all the work is.


I would check with your local PM’s in your area, some offer A La Carte options to take care of the items on your list

@William S.

Depends on where the rental is, but if it's A Class and the rental amount is enough you can probably find an agent that will just take a lease up fee. Then if you have a contracting service or an agent/trusted person in the area they can probably take care of inspections and move in/move out checklists for you. Then as long as you have trusted contractors (plumbers, HVAC, handyman, etc.) you can just take the maintenance calls and then contact them. 

Most of my OOS clients hire property managers, but a couple do things by the above. They are good clients so I agree to take a look at the property from time to time if they haven't found someone to do it yet. 

@Anthony Angotti

I'm not out of state, but am planning when the time comes to move.

I vastly prefer A-class properties and PM's eat too much into the cost. The list above are tasks that I am not good at and will eventually need to hire out if I move.

The properties I buy are in high quality areas and fully renovated so maintenance is not an issue.

My missing components are:


Move in/outs


I have great contacts for leasing and construction guys for rehabs.

Just curious if anyone on the site has been doing this for awhile and how its been going.

@William S. if you have someone for leasing I would ask if they'd be willing to do the inspections/move in move out. 

@Anthony Angotti

That's what I was thinking. Now I just need a handyman for minor maintenance issues. Thanks!

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