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 Does anyone know if having the paragraph in your lease agreement regarding possibility of lead paint is sufficient in properties from 1972 or older? Trying to get clarification on whether separate documents need to be signed ?

What about those properties built between 1972 to when the use of lead in paint was banned (1978)?

I believe the disclosure requirements vary by jurisdiction.

Hey nick. I did for my 1950 duplex in Connecticut. The state requires that I provide them with a lead paint disclosure packet and information from the EPA(PDF form from the website). I also had them initial a section of the contract stating that they understood the potential risks of living there. Check with your states website, it should tell you everything you need to do. 

All our properties were built prior to 1978.  Routine testing for lead is not required in my state.  Every new tenant gets a copy of EPA's booklet Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home plus signs a statement that they received this booklet along with the knowledge that the rental unit has not undergone testing.

As previously mentioned, different states have different requirements for this.



Actually the lead based paint addendum/booklets are for properties built before 1979. You can get the form and booklet from the website

Lead Based Paint Disclosure is required for a home built prior to 1978.

Before ratification of a contract for housing sale or lease, sellers and landlords must:

  • Give an EPA-approved information pamphlet on how to protect your family from lead-based paint
  • Disclose any known information regarding lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards
  • Provide any records or reports concerning lead-based paint
  • Include an attachment to the contract or lease that includes a lead warning statement and confirms the seller or landlord has complied with the requirement
  • Seller must provide home buyers a 10-day period to conduct an inspection for lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards

HUD Lead Disclosure (full details)

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