Tenant's Cat Catching Mice

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Hey guys, I've got a triplex and one of the tenants just got a kitten. They say it's a house cat but has been bringing them dead mice. They haven't seen any mice themselves. Would you have an exterminator come out? How much does handling a mouse issue cost? I've only dealt with bed buds before - never mice.


Good Kitty!  The cat is doing its job.

You rarely actually see mice.  What you see are mouse droppings behind refrigerators, in the bottom and back of kitchen cabinets, etc.  I would inspect for mouse droppings before calling an exterminator.  If the cat is outside at all, the cat may be bringing the dead mice from outside.  

Or, the tenants may just be saying that to deflect from the fact that they got a pet mid-tenancy.  It is unusual that a very young kitten has the ability to hunt, kill and bring back prey.   That is a mother cat behavior.