Tenants leaves without notice and hasn’t paid rent.

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I just had a tenant who left without notice before lease was up. Also didn’t pay 2 months rent.   My property is in Missouri. What are my rights as a landlord?  What steps do i need to take to recover and do business as usual.  Also this is my incident of this so I’m kind of stress. I will appreciate your guidance and wisdom.


Yup it's called a SKIP  

So did they leave a note,, keys,,, how'd you know they were gone ,, anything of theirs left personal property?? they send you a text or leave a letter or note..

So lots depends on the above.. fill in the gaps and you'll get a better response to your question

Your rights will be outlined in your state landlord tenant regulations. You need to have studied them before you got your first tenant.

The horse is out of the barn at this point in time.

Next tenant make sure you issue a pay or quit notice the day after rent is due and not received. Immediately beginning the process to collect and evict is the best way to protect yourself.

For now you need to find out if you have any rights after a tenant has vacated beyond small claims court.

2-4 months lost income is a costly price to pay but you may have no recourse. 

Yes, you need to find out the local laws and move forward on the first step immediately. Since you are not in that area, you will likely need to hire someone to handle this for you. Have you been self-managing from afar? Perhaps it's a good time to see if there are some PM companies near your rental.

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