Marketing for a Quick Turnaround

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I'm relatively new to BP and I just received an accepted offer on my first SF rental. We don't close until 12/15 and I would love to get a renter in by 1/1/17. I'm wondering if there is any sort of marketing I can do before closing, or if I have to wait until 12/15 to post its availability online? Additionally, can I use the pictures off the MLS or Zillow or do I need to wait until after closing to take my own pictures of the house to post in a rental add. Any advice on actions I could take between now and the closing date to try to drum up interest from potential renters?

Thanks guys!

@Pete Woelfel Congratulations! Since its your first time, I would recommend you use a tenant placement firm. They do the background checks, verify the income, check the rental history, and advertise like the dickens. Good ones will tell you the rent for the area and get it rented quick, with, hopefully a good tenant. I would spend your time interviewing tenant firms, instead of marketing the property. Its only the 1st months rent, here in NE Florida with the firm I use. I am happy to give them this, in exchange for all they do, meaning you don't have to do it. Best of luck to you! 

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