Rent a room to someone from a foreign country. Background Check?

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There is an international high school next to my house that has foreign language speakers come to the U.S. and teach their language. One of those teachers wants to rent a room from me since I live close to the school. 

Does anyone have an idea how to do a check on someone from another country?

Im going to have a meeting with him to see if he is someone I'd be willing to live under the same roof with. There is still a language barrier though so it will be hard to tell from just one meeting. 

This is why it will be important to get some sort of check done. 

Any comment, advice, or what not is greatly appreciated. 

Ask your usual screening questions, but modify your requirements to match the situation.  I would require a copy of photo ID such as his driver's license from his home country, passport ID page, visa information that allows him legal entry to the U.S., and a letter from the school verifying his employment.  If he has passed the rigorous requirements in the U.S. to teach in an accredited school, then you should be fine. Be sure to obtain a sufficient security deposit to cover your risk. 

Regarding the "language barrier", what would it take to obtain the services of a qualified interpreter or someone from the school to assist you? Machine translation has become quite sophisticated and many more reliable programs are available via the internet that could be useful. Some cultural community centers also have people on hand who are qualified to help bridge the language and cultural gap. Study up on his country of origin and cultural norms too. This could be a wonderful opportunity! I once shared my housing with a woman from China who spoke very little English. The experience enhanced my life!

@Derek Persuit   You may be surprised by how much English he knows. When using English as an acquired language, most people can understand more than they can speak. Being in the United States and immersed in the language will help him become more proficient in English. If you enunciate well and don't talk too fast, it will make understanding your speech easier.