Handyman,Electrician,Plumber needed in Omaha

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Hello BP folks,

I'm a new landlord in the Omaha, NE market.  Currently I live out of state in Missouri.  I recently purchased a duplex in Omaha and looking for recommendations for a good handyman, electrician, and plumber.  I have friends that live in Omaha that can handle very basic work but would like to be able to call someone in these areas for more extensive work. 

Let me know if you have any great referrals. 

Thanks in advance,

Nate Rohlf

I use Frontier Electric. It’s another small operation with great prices and impeccable performance.

For large plumbing jobs I sometimes use Red D Plumbing. If you are looking for drain cleaning services, I highly recommend Midwest Plumbing and Drain.

ok thanks for the suggestions. I’d really like to find  a general handyman as well for really small jobs and hire out pro plumber/electricians for larger projects. For instance today a plumber is coming out to fix a leaky toilet and I’m guessing it will take him 10 minutes to solve the problem but will get paid well for those 10 minutes. Thanks for the help. 

@Nate Rohlf Call Clayton at Harvey's Plumbing for an excellent plumber who is also very reasonable. If its an easy fix, he'll charge you appropriately. He can also handle large jobs as well. He just ran all new sewage and water lines for my recent flip. He got it done quick, correctly and was reasonably priced. You can look his number up or shoot me a message and Ill reply with it. Make sure you tell him I sent you.