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I'm new to real estate (taking my state exam in the next month, just completed legal aspects) but one of my goals is to use real estate as a means to free myself to do what I'm most passionate about, and one of those things comes from my current job as a property manager.

I absolutely LOVE working with students and training them on how to be a leasing agent! It's so much fun and watching their growth is the most rewarding part of my work. In working for my current company I was able to develop a training manual that is a collaboration of all of the training programs that I have been through under three different companies over the last 7 years. Our VP actually adopted my manual and it is now being used as a standard training document and because of this, I know I've found my strength.

I want to start a business doing training seminars for smaller companies that have 2-10 leasing agents but I am unsure of how much to charge. I'm thinking that to cover the material and do a thorough job that I would like to make it a two-day program consisting of 5-6 hours a day. I know that there is value from having an outside expert come in to not only identify problem areas, but to shake things up and get people excited about what they do again!

Does anyone out there have a leasing team that you work with and can advise if this is something that you would invest in for your employees and how much a program like this would be worth to you? I see this as being something that can help support me while I am just getting started in real estate and the networking opportunities are endless!

Thanks BP fam!

@Courtney Jurasko ,  Awesome post. I have not heard of any course for leasing agents. I think you have a product( you might need to build it fully).  Am sure with your experience and passion- this can be something that will take off. 

I personally would be interested in all aspects of Leasing. So I could be your first student.  And for that I also know what you can charge me :).  Equity for some work I can do to build out your course, including if you want an online platform to deliver the course. Anyways, we should talk and see what we can do. 

My interest in learning all aspects of Leasing will be a step towards getting into multi-family, fairly soon. ( As i hear that segment is slowing down), I believe there will be companies/people who made a bad decision of buying during the peak time. I dont want to steal though, instead, i will work out a fair deal with prospective seller/s who want to get out of situation.



Naveen, would love the chance to connect with you, this sounds like a great opportunity!

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