Fellow landlords, hello! I am doing some research for a research project on the criticality of the time component to the success of rental real estate investing and I would love to get your inputs to create the data set. The question -- How much would you pay for a service that provided you motivated, prospective tenants that were already professionally screened (background, credit and rental) and matched to your property's location, physical and rental characteristics? 

Assumption set #1: the rental unit is market priced at $1000/mth, it typically cash flows $250/mth after all appropriate costs/reserves and debt service are covered, professional, reputable screening cost $30 (usually handled through an application fee), the unit is rent ready and you have 4 weeks before it is available. The other assumption sets only change the lead time to the availability of the unit. #2 - 2 weeks before the property is available, #3 - the property has been vacant 2 weeks, and #4 the property has been vacant 4 weeks.

On a scale of $0 to $250, how much would you be willing to pay for the service?

Assumption #1 price: $

Assumption #2 price: $

Assumption #3 price: $

Assumption #4 price: $

Thank you so much for you time, consideration and participation,

William Randolph