Tucson Az first time landlord why has nobody applied ro rent?

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I recently bought a duplex which consists of a 3 bedroom brick house built in the late 60s which has been newly remodeled and an attached guest house built in 1997. I'm living in the guest house and trying to rent out the 3 bedroom house. It's in a great neighborhood and is newly remodeled. We listed the property around November 1st and have shown it about 12 times. Several of those who we showed it to said they loved the property and would apply so I sent them the link to the cozy application but nobody has applied. Attached is the listing am I asking too much? I paid for a rental analysis by cozy.co and it suggested $1060 and we're asking $1100. The utilities are not separately metered so we were planning on splitting up the utility bill. Is that a big enough problem that people wouldn't want to live there? What else could I be doing wrong or is it just a bad time of year? 


I had problems renting mine. I had to lower the rent and do a 6 month lease so that the lease doesn't end in the winter months. A couple of things I would do to rent it faster

• You mentioned you give people the link to apply. I would take a laptop or tablet with me, and get people to apply in person if they want on the spot. Some people are lazy and don't do it. 

• I see a link to zillow, I would add your listing in craigslist and other sites if you haven't done so already.

• The photos you use are not very flattering of the house. I would hire a professional photographer to make it look nicer. 

I second the mention of your photos. They're a bit dark and some rooms need a different camera lens to truly/better capture it.

Your pricing seems on par though from a quick look of nearby rentals, so could be the time of year. Perhaps offer a small incentive such as crediting back their application fee *IF* they sign a lease. And make the lease end in spring or so! Not a year from now in winter again...so 18-ish months.

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