Greencastle, PA -- Landlord requirements

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Anyone from Greencastle, Franklin County, PA Pennsylvania that can tell me if there are any landlord requirements on the city, county or state level? For example, do you need to register with the borough/pay any fees, are there any lead paint inspections, etc. Thanks!

Hi @Beth L. ,

I would recommend reaching out to the Licences and Inspection department for Greencastle, PA and ask them if there is any local rental inspection requirements or rental fees.

For my first rental I later found out that Bristol, PA in requires a rental inspection and an annual rental fee for the city.  Since I had already rented the house out before getting the inspection I had to pay a fine on top of the normal inspection fee.

@Beth L.

As @Dave Van Horn said, the basic laws are set forth in the PA Landlord Tenant Act. For local laws, you will want to follow the advice of @Tom Ross  and give the municipality a call to see what exactly you need to do. 

In this particular scenario, it looks like ECode360 has some of the local laws of Greencastle Borough. Here's what "might" be there current landlord ordinance.

Please note that ECode360 is not always up to date. It sometimes does not keep track of the new ordinances. So generally you want to call and get guidance on what you need to do from the municipalities. 

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