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Hello everyone, I’m moving out of my condo. I’ve been reading some of the forums. Do I need to get a rental license in Washington DC? Can someone share some information regarding this. Thanks Alvaro

Yes. It's fairly easy to get your DC single family rental license online (called a basic business license). You get issued one immediately online, but you schedule a follow up inspection with DCRA to verify the unit conforms with the rules. Be sure to review the inspection checklist so you can work to make sure all necessary repairs and upgrades are made to comply with the checklist or you will fail the inspection and they will require a re-inspection until fixed.

Also make sure you comply with your condo association rules for renting so you don't run afoul of their rules.

Don't forget to convert your old homeowners policy into a landlord policy to cover against new liability from renting out your home. Your insurer can help you with this.

Finally, make sure you do proper screening and check landlord references for new applicants. DC is very tenant friendly and you want to make sure you pick the right tenants that will pay on time and take care of your place. take your time with screening and leave it vacant if you dont find the right applicants. Check out, they offer free online rent payment and will help you collect rental application and tenant screening that might make things a bit easier.

must use guide for screening guide below (definitely do the background/credit checks, and call all prior landlords to check if they pay on time)

Here is your inspection checklist for what they require during inspection:

unofficial guide to renting out your DC home from Urbanturf:

Hit me up if you have any other questions on becoming a landlord! I might have a lease template as well unless you have one you already want to use.

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