Question regarding notice of entry

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Quick question:

At a tenant's request, I am bringing a contractor out to examine some issues with the tenant's balcony. We need to enter through the tenant's apartment. I texted the tenant the date and time I was planning on coming to let them know - they responded that they would be home to let us in and discuss problems, and that the timing works reasonably well for them. I have a record of this discussion as it happened via text. Do I need to post a written notice on their door to reiterate that I am coming ? Or is the agreed upon time and date via texting good enough?

Thanks in advance for any input!

@Alyssa Lebetsamer I think you are good since the tenant is ok with it and is going to meet you there.

I would only worry if you had to let someone in with out them being present. Then I would document it well and always have someone with you. The contractor in this case.

If the tenant is home and invites you in you do not need to give notice. A tenant that has not been given formal notice can deny you access except in the case of an emergency.

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