Rent Reduction During Condo Building Construction?

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Hello, I rent out a condo in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle and the building will be undergoing an envelope remodel project (demo and replace siding, windows, etc) it will entail scaffolding the building for up to 6 month’s. Construction work will take place during normal weekday hours (8am-430pm), but they will lose their off street parking spot... Few questions, if anyone has insight: 1) Am I required to give concessions on rent during this time? I figure I may need to for the parking spot, but not sure about the “inconvenience” of construction. 2) Does this conflict with the “quiet enjoyment” clause in the lease? 3) what do you think would be a fair? (1 bed/1.5 bath rented for 1995/month) Thanks! Steven

I lived in an apartment that replaced all of the wood siding and repainted. They didn't give me one cent off my rent. I sleep during the day and those guys spent days... pounding away at my walls. We then had to park in the back of the lot because they couldn't guarantee that they wouldn't get overspray on our cars.