Hi There,

We recently closed on a property in MA that uses steam boilers for heating.  We included new boilers into our calculation.  However, after the installation, one specific steam radiator is incredibly slow to heat up.  So the whole unit heats up to the desired temperature before the room with the slow radiator.

Here are some notes:

1. problem radiator is not all that far from the boiler.  Other radiators further from the boiler get heated faster.

2. I've replaced the vent. Even tested the radiator without the vent to force steam into the direction of the steam radiator (which will draw heat quickly). Slow radiator does heat up but generally requires more time.

3. The valve is open all the way and steam is definitely able to reach the radiator.

I'm going to try to insulate that specific pipe in the basement to the slow radiator and see if that helps.  Otherwise, does anyone have ideas/suggestions?