What is "reasonable" time in Colorado

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I have a broken boiler/hot water system, and unfortunately the needed parts are nowhere to be found. I bought the parts and did (extremely expensive) rush shipping to get the parts here ASAP. From time of tenant reporting the issue to repair will ideally be about 48 hours, but may be an extra day if the shipping is delayed for any reason. 

Is this considered 'reasonable time' in Colorado law? There is truly nothing else I can do to speed this up, but want to be prepared in case a tenant asks about prorated rent. 

Best effort is considered reasonable time. 48 hr. should be considered more than reasonable under the circumstance's. Assuming tenant was still able to use unit there is no reason to compensate tenant. Any reasonable tenant would not expect compensation. If yours does you may have a future decision to make.

@Dave Meyer so the area of law related to this probably the warranty of habitability. That law allows the landlord five days to remedy the failure after receiving written notice or the tenant has the right to terminate the lease.

A few thoughts on heat.  1) you want heat restored ASAP because if it gets too cold it freezes your water pipes and you have bigger issues. 2) You can provide temporary heat in the form of space heaters. It won't keep the heat at the tenant's preference of 78 deg but it should keep the unit from freezing. Note that space heaters are not the best idea when there is old wiring at play. They draw lots of amps and if your wiring is cloth wrapped and 14 gauge it's probably best not to use them unless you can be sure they won't set them on high. No point in starting an electrical fire just because you have no heat.  3) You can only do what you can do. 4) As a last resort, get the tenants a hotel for a night or two. It's expensive and I probably wouldn't do it. Perhaps if they would cost share. That said, I don't go there. 

I am floored that you couldn't find the part locally. There are some great supply houses here and many parts on old boilers are actually interchangeable with other brands and all in all, boilers are very similar. I have found it's usually possible to find a way to get by until the OEM part arrives via snail mail or steam ship or however those old parts move.

Next time you need a part, send me a pm and I have a whole list of local suppliers for boiler parts.