Condos - other landlord's tenants disturbing my tenants

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I own and self manage (out of state) a luxury townhouse in a high end neighborhood (A-). I know the owner of the adjoining unit, who has a property manager and lives out of the country. My current tenant (wonderful, ideal tenant!) has recently informed me that the neighbors with whom they share a wall are 1) drumming often and during late hours (they do have a drum set but say they have "dampers" on the drums and 2) the couple is constantly fighting very loudly - shouts which are heard through the wall, and fights are often outside in the front yard as well. Domestic disputes are not expected in this neighborhood - there is an HOA with tight restrictions and generally high caliber tenants. My question is: Do I contact the owner or property manager regarding these issues? As a landlord, I would certainly want to know if I had unruly tenants in place and would be disappointed my PM had not screened them better. Which is why I think contacting the owner may be preferable. On the other hand, since they have hired a PM, maybe they would wish for all communication to go directly through PM?

@Sarah Buchanan - Since you know the owner, I would reach out to him directly. Don't take an accusatory approach as it might make him defensive. I would take the approach of, "hey the tenants the PM placed seem to be having a lot of issues like x,y &z. I wasn't sure if your PM knew or was passing the info along to you, so I thought I would let you know as I would like to know if tenants in my unit were causing problems". Or something to that effect. 

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