Tenant Surrender Keys, Say Bankrupt, Rip Trade FIxtures Out MESS

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Our california commercial llc tenant of the past 10 years with 3 months unpaid rent suddenly/finally left a note under our door with all keys saying will be filing bankruptcy and creditors will be coming over in following months to reclaim property.
Decade ago they had plumbed and built lobster/seafood tanks into the walls (now our trade fixtures?) and so left without them but are ignoring our calls. Not much left in there as far as inventory; they left the place flooded with water and mold damage apparently trying to remove some trade fixtures. We had to get an emergency plumber and cleaning crew in to stop the running water and damage.
We mailed them a 15 day notice to get their property off ours since they surrendered keys with a handwritten note of intent to file bankrupty. They been continuously ignoring phone calls and are just texting saying their property is worth tens of thousands of dollars and creditors won't be coming to recover property - including the trade fixtures - for another month or so but if we touch it we will be sued for conversion.
Any tips/experience on to deal with such abandonment, sabotage, and threats?

This is too complicated to even consider handling without consulting a lawyer in your state. I would call a lawyer ASAP and not contact the tenant again without being advised by a reputable lawyer.

if they BK no use wasting money on a lawyer be glad you got rent for 10 years and turn over to your insurance provider for the damages

I'm with Jay. File an insurance claim, fix the place up, and get it rented.

I'm also with Amy Beth. Hire an attorney to deal with recovery of lost rent and damages.

I also think you should consider hiring a property manager. You shouldn't allow a tenant to go three months without paying rent.

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