How to move up my rental Ad in Zillow and Trulia?

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Hello all,

I have a question regarding posting Ad in Zillo/Trulia. After a few days, my AD is going down to page 3 - that means no one will see it anymore. I tried everything but just can't get moved up. I tried to renew it, update the content, de-activate and activate it again. The 3rd approach gets me into trouble cause some prospects told me Zillow sent them a note saying the rental is not available anymore after I deactivate it. 

I also tried to post a new AD but the systems just simply refuse it as they can identify it's the duplicate based on the physical address. 

I'm out of ideas. Any tips will be highly appreciated. Also, other than Zillow and Craiglist (which is not working too well), any good sites you know that I should post my rental to market it? 

Thanks a lot!

@Hui Kiang

Do you have your rental listed on the MLS? If not, I highly recommend you work with an agent (assuming you are not one) and get it on there. Zillow is getting more and more popular and craigslist isnt bad, but you will find a more serious population of potential renters through the MLS. Good luck, I hope you get a renter in there soon!

Thanks Sean. I appreciate the tip. 

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