Acquired tenant parking

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I'm new to this and just purchased a multi family usinf fha. I will be living on the first floor with my family. There are 2 units above and one of them already gave their 30 days notice and it's okay. The other tenant I feel may be resistant to paying more since they have been paying half of the market price before. 

Tenant is at will in the state of MA. I would like to know. Can I legally tell her not to park in the driveway? I have 3 cars and there isn't room for her. She never signed a contract with previous owner and is at will. She has been parking there for 8 years but with owners changing, circumstance have changed.  Can I just tell her to start parking on the street ? 

You can tell her , she might not like it . Unless in her lease it says she has a parking space 

You can tell her, unless it is in the lease, she wont like it and I am not sure what would happen in a storm like this. How is the street parking in your area of worcester? This is the tenant leaving right?

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