Neighbor of Rental House is driving through my yard

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Hello All, I have a situation that is perplexing me a little and wanted to get some other opinions.  I have a rental property in neighborhood of cookie cutter houses, all the same 3/2/1 1104 sq ft and all side by side.  I have a good relationship with the neighbor across the street and he let me know that the people in the house next to my rental have been driving through my yard to park their truck in their yard.  Apparently its been going on for a while and has put some ruts in my yard, not deep mud pits but it's obvious that the grass is being driven on.  

I called the sheriff, they referred me to the magistrate.  I called the magistrate and they said if I wanted to bring a civil suit I could do that or call the sheriff.  The helpful neighbor has already talked with the sheriff about them.  He also called the Department of Environmental Protection because these folks have trash and debris all over their lot, he said the DEP is making them clean it up.  

I'm thinking about getting large landscape stones to create a barrier.  Does anyone have any other ideas?

Landscape stones would work, if you were in my neck of the woods I might suggest a nice decorative barrel cactus, but I don't think that would work in WV, even a small tree may be a significant enough deterrent.

I would sent them a notice, mailed or handed to them informing them that they are not permitted to drive on your property. If they continue after that you issue a no trespass and have them charged.

Nothing could be simpler that the direct approach. If you are afraid to speak to your neighbour put up a fence. Fences say...........this is mine stay the h*ll off.

large decorative rock . I hate disrespectful neighbors.

Fences make great neighbors. The taller the better. I can't think of a single property where I put up a fence, or had one raised, that I wasn't sorry that I did it. 

Letter indicating cease and desist its trespass, talk to your lawyer, no trespass sign, and big rocks or posts and a heavy chain strung between them. A tree is just going to get run over, if you want to plant shrubbery plant something with thorns.

I would send them a letter via certified mail telling them not to do this.  Alternately, you could tell them they are permitted to do this now but that you may rescind permission later. 

You can talk to a lawyer too.  Your state might have some peculiar property laws.  However, you are on notice now that they are doing this.  Allowing it to continue for years with no response is going to make things really bad.  Worst case scenario is that they will gain a prescriptive easement to your property because you knew and neglected to do anything about it.  A certified letter saying "no" or "OK, but" will prevent this. 

Send them a letter requiring them to cease and desist, period.

I would not install signs. I would not install rocks or fencing unless that's to your benefit.

What would I install? Sharp metal spikes. He'll only drive over the lawn once.

Is it a code violation in this city to park on grass?  If so call the code compliance department and have them address it.  

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