How to reclaim rental abandoned by tenant in Baltimore City?

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Hello. Does anyone know the best way for a landlord to reclaim an abandoned rental in Baltimore City?

I'm a buy-and-hold investor and landlord. A tenant seems to have abandoned a SFR 14 days before their lease ends. They won't return my calls. They left piles of trash and food on the floor, so I want to get trash removers and housecleaners in as soon as possible to reduce turnaround time between tenants.

Do I need to wait until their lease ends (in 14 days)? Is it legal to remove rotting food that might damage the property before the lease ends?

Do I have to start an eviction process to be able to go in and remove their stuff? Their last month's rent is late and they clearly have no intention of paying it.

I've never dealt with this particular situation before, so I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Call BGE and see if the electric has been canceled . 

Go talk to a neighbor and see where they moved . 

Then go find them and get them to sign off 

 Or just wait 2 weeks 

We have had this happen a few times. Once six months before the lease was up. Our attorney told us that if they have abandoned the property we can take back possession. He said to make sure that we document it with photos. Specifically, photos of bedding , personal hygiene items, food, etc . lack of these items should be proof enough of abandonment. We then change the locks and take back possession. We also check weekly on properties that are in the eviction process because often the tenant will move out prior to the eviction.

You should file to get a judgement for the unpaid rent and other outstanding bills (if Rent is not paid, I assume water is not paid). Take the clean up and damages from the security deposit.

Role the dice and change the locks. They can always call you to be let back in. (Which you will need to do) Meanwhile, clean up the nonsense (dont move anything worth anything until 2 weeks passes) and move on. 

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