Septic fail on rental property

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 I just moved in to a rental house. The first week a tree fell on the garage. The landlord told us that she would take care of it. Two weeks later the tree remained in the driveway making it unable for us to park. Then I noticed water spewing out of a pipe  in the basement. We called in a plumber who said that the septic tank was full. The landlord had an a vacuolation system with the sump pump running, but there were holes in the line that caused all the water to evacuate into the yard and into the septic tank. We fixed the broken pipes with brand new PVC which it back you waited the water away from the house, however,  The septic tank is full and the owner states she never had a problem before… A conversation with her son told us that she was offered to tie into the town sewer line but refused the cost. She has opted to use a septic in the yard but this has failed several times over the last 40 years. There is nowhere for the water to go. Landlord is refusing to put in it sewer line to tie into town sewer. The septic is full and is failing. What are my options? Been here for less than a month

@Jennifer Warburton Notify the slumlord via text that you will contact the health department "today" and move if she doesn't fix the problem immediately. 

@Jennifer Warburton   I would contact the landlord and tell her you need the tree removed, the septic tank fixed and reimbursed for the plumbing repair. Tell her she has 24 hours to start on these things or she will force you to call code enforcement and contact the local magistrate.

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