Best budget appliance package?

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We're gutting 5 kitchens in a MF. I'd like to put "black stainless" or slate appliances in. I'm fine with top/bottom fridge/freezers. What would you recommend as a decent budget option? We will need dishwashers as well. 

@Ryan Dossey , I outfitted an 8 unit with stainless steel appliances (fridge, stove, microwave), a washer, and a dryer and it cost me about 22k through Lowe’s. I may or may not have gotten screwed. Each piece has a 5 year extended warranty as well. They delivered and service them when needed. I’ve got no complaints.

@John Harvell We may just go with Stainless as they're much cheaper than the "slate" unless I can get them on sale somewhere. 


Great deals / no tax / free shipping. 

I’ve been using Lowe’s for my last few properties. Wait if possible for their Labor Day, Black Friday, etc sales. You can typically get delivery next day on any in stock items.

HD has similar prices, but I’ve run into some delivery issues and have stopped buying appliances from them. They basically subcontract all the appliance fulfillment and delivery to another company, and it’s really hit or miss with them. And there’s no ownership of issues and no one to complain to. Even the HD managers just roll their eyes and give a refund for botched deliveries.

I would definitely go stainless. The slate and black stainless are cool, but overly expensive in my opinion.

I would do a QSP at lowes to see if you could get a decent discount.

Also a strategy I’ve seen is to have a black/stainless steel and then just a regular black dishwasher, may save you a couple hundred dollars doing that. 

@Eileen Murray I actually know the inventory manager there. Great friend of mine. Not a bad thought. 

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